Usiel's seal

Usiel ("strength of God") is a demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon. Usiel rules as a prince in the northwest under the command or Amenadiel. He has 40 dukes in the daytime and 40 at night, plus their many servants. All are obedient. According to King Solomon, Usiel and his demons have more power to hide and discover treasure than any other spirits. His main 14 dukes of the day are Abariel, Ameta, Amen, Heme, Saefer, Potiel, Saefam, Magni, Amandiel, Barsu, Gamasu, Hissain, Fabariel, and Usiniel. His main dukes of the night are Ansoel, Godiel, Barfos, Burfa, Adan, Saddiel, Sodiel, Ossidiel, Pathier, Marae, Asuriel, Almoel, Las Pharon, and Ethiel.

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