Samca is a character in Romanian legends, a very ugly and scary evil spirit: she most commonly takes the appearance of a naked woman with disheveled hair growing down to her heels, with dried out breasts that touch the ground, with small eyes that shine as brightly as the stars, with iron hands and long nails sharp as knitting needles or hooked as sickles and a tongue of fire.

This demon whose very large, ugly and crooked mouth always spits fire can come out at the end of each month, around full moon, and usually appears to children under the age of four, who are so frightened that they become sick immediately. This demon can also appear to women lying on their birth bed, and once visible she would touch the pregnant women as if kneading on them, scaring them so much that they either die instantly or remain crippled for life.

Samca can take different forms: a very large and fierce pig, a grinning dog showing awful teeth, a hairless cat with fiery, bulging eyes, a crow with bloody eyes and as a big black spider. The disease with which the children are touched children after Samca appears to them is called "the childrens' malice".

Samca has 19 names: Vestitia, Navadaraia, Valnomia, Sina, Nicosda, Avezuha, Scorcoila, Tiha, Miha, Grompa, Slalo, Necauza, Hatavu, Hulila, Huva, Ghiana, Gluviana, Prava and Samca. To defend against Samca, people need to write all her 19 names on a wall of the house or have to convince someone else to write a protective spell, which they would afterwards carry on them. When attacked, this spell will make Samca harm the writer of the protective spell instead, with the exception that, if the writer of the spell was a person of age, Samca would not hurt them, making them just grit their teeth in their sleep.

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