Pichal Peri (Persian: پیچھل‌ پری‎) or churial (Urdu: چڑیل‎) (meaning back footed in Urdu language) is a demonic female or probably a back footed Vampire also known as Churel in India and Pakistan.

It is an ambiguous entity that resembles a human female except that its feet are abnormal and point backward. Esoteric in nature, this demonic female exhibits enchanting appearance .The Pichal Pairee has become a part of Indian culture during the past. This Back-Footed Vampire seems to originate from South Asia . According to the legend, the Pichal Pairee is a visitor from the dark side of creation. These are some kind of Cryptic Entities that have haunted the regions in India and Pakistan, particularly the Himalayan foothills and some closely connected Indian villages during the past. But nowadays people have forgotten it. The Pichal Pairee whose feet usually point backward is thought to be an interdimensional ghostly entity, The Pichal Pairee may be a universal phenomena and may have been sighted in some other countries of the world beside India and Pakistan. But in other parts of the world it may be known by a different name. But in India it is called the ‘Pichal Pairee’ also known as Churel. It is a weird demonic entity that may sometime suddenly appear out of nowhere in deserted areas in the hours of darkness. It could be evil or perhaps friendly. It is usually known to wear the native Indian dress like Saree etc., but may sometime appear undressed. There are stories about such demonic creatures and visitations from the great beyond, where according to the folklore, a cryptic entity may disguise itself like a young woman to ingest blood of Earthlings or snatch vital organs from their body. But it usually can’t copy the human's feet. People can only manage to run away if they are lucky enough. Most of the people carry bits of papers inscribed with holy verses (amulets), and they frequently pronounced the name of God. A copy of the holy book is also said to keep them safe from evil.

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