Magoth's seal

In the fourteenth to twentieth degrees the stars are right for Magoth, who appears like a large and strange cat creature with the tentacles of a squid on its front. He is one of the eight infernal sub-princes serving under the four principle spirits Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan, and Belial. Occultist Mathews relates this demon's name to the French word miget, often used in fairy tales denoting an evil elf or dwarf; also he relates the name to magus meaning a "wizard" or "magician." He possesses powers to hinder operations of magick and necromancy. He can provide numerous books and abundant amounts of food for lavish banquets. Through powers of illusion he can change anyone's appearance. He controls vast numbers of spirits all having abilities attributed to him.

In some Abramelin versions his name is spelled Maguth and at times equated to the biblical demon Magog.

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