Kunopegos ("dog-flow" or "cruel sea-horse demon") is a demon in the shape of a sea horse. Kunopegos is a cruel spirit who raises himself up like great waves in the open seas, causes seasickness among sailors, and sinks ships in order to claim the bodies of men and their treasures. He consults the prince of demons, Beelzebub. He can go to shore as waves and shape shift into the form of a man. He is thwarted by the angel Iameth.

In the Testament of Solomon, Kunopegos tells King Solomon that he can shape shift into a man. Solomon confines Kunopegos by casting him into a broad flat bowl filled with 10 receptacles of seawater. The top is fortified with marble and the bowl’s mouth is covered with asphalt, pitch, and hemp rope. The vessel is sealed and stored in the Temple of Jerusalem.

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