In Sumerian and Akkadian (Babylonian and Assyrian) mythology, The Gallus (also called gallu demons or gallas [Akkadian: gallû]) were great demons/devils of the underworld.

Role in mythologyEdit

Gallu demons hauled unfortunate victims off to the underworld. They were one of seven devils (or "the offspring of hell") of Babylonian theology that could be appeased by the sacrifice of a lamb at their altars.

Inanna (or Ishtar) was accompanied by gallu demons while she was on a journey to the underworld. An especially fierce gallu demon, the monstrous Asag, was slain by Ninurta using the enchanted mace Sharur.


The following fragment of a conjuration applies to a struggle of two persons combating two bulls, or creatures which are half-men, half-bulls.

Telal, the bull which pierces, the very strong bull, the bull which
passes through dwellings,
(It is) the indomitable Telal, there are seven of them
They obey no commands,
They devastate the country
They know no order,
They watch men.
They devour flesh ; they make blood flow ; they drink blood ;
They injure the images of the gods ;
They are the Telal which multiply hostile lies,
Which feed on blood, which are immovable.

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