Falling Stars. Demons who have no way station in which to rest and so fall from the sky.

In the Testament of Solomon the demon Ornias explains to Solomon that demons have the capability of flying up to heaven in order to eavesdrop on God and learn his plans. But because they have no place to rest, they become exhausted and fall to Earth like flashes of lightning, burning fields, and cities. People think they are falling stars.

The Prophet Muhammad said: “The angels speak in the clouds about things that will happen on earth. The devils listen to what is said, then they drop that into the ear of the fortuneteller like dropping something into a bottle, and they add a hundred lies to it.” [Bukhari]

The devils among the jinn eavesdrop on the angels who come down to the clouds with the new decrees of their Lord. When they try to eavesdrop higher up in the heavens they are chased by flaming fire (a shooting star). Sometimes they are able to catch something. These jinn are the collaborators of fortunetellers who use this truth and mix it up with a bunch of lies. All that the fortuneteller says is believed because of that one truth heard from heaven.

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