Dаrochiel's seal

Dorochiel ("trampling") is a demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon. Dorochiel rules in the west and north as a prince. One of the twelve Servitors of Amenadiel, forty dukes attend him during the day and 40 more at night. In order to summon the dukes and their servants, a magician must pay attention to the planetary hours when they rule. All are good-natured and agreeable. The 12 dukes of the morning are Magael, Artino, Efiel, Maniel/ Efiel, Suriet/Maniel, Carsiel/Suriel, Casiel, Fabiel, Carba, Merach, Althor, and Omiel. The 12 dukes of the afternoon are Gudiel, Asphor, Emuel, Soriel, Cabron, Diviel, Abriel, Danael, Lomor, Casael, Buisiel, and Larfos. The 12 dukes of the early evening are Nahaiel, Ofsiel, Bulls, Momel, Darborl, Paniel, Cursas, Aliel, Aroziel, Cusyne, Vraniel, and Pelusar. The 12 dukes who govern after midnight are Pafiel, Gariel, Soriel, Maziel, Futiel, Cayros, Narsial, Moziel, Abael, Meroth, Cadriel, and Lodiel.

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