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This Wiki is dedicated to cataloging various Jinns from around the world. Each demon is described with as much detail as available, including summoning information where appropriate. Please feel free to contribute your knowledge of any supernatural demonic creatures here!

About the JinnEdit

Jinns are free willed beings made of (smokeless) fire, invisible to the human eye, they live on Earth in their own intelligent tribes, eat, marry and die. Jinns are very advanced and were on Earth before us: but caused harm, they live a parallel life (in other dimension), they vary in belief but some have chosen Islam. During his time, Prophet Solomon controlled an army of Jinn troops, some became Muslims after Prophet Muhammad guided their groups. Jinns in fairy-tales like Aladdin’s Genie and Narnia’s Witch are just yarns, but kids should stay in at dusk to avoid the real wandering of Jinn’s harms.

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    Comment: this is utterly idiotic. the jinn are a middle eastern belief, and have nothing to do with the daoine maithe, which in actual irish folklore, are the...
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    Comment: Please read, "Merciless Tortures By Obsessions"  book available on many online retailers, @FriesenPress bookstore,
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    Comment: Author of "Merciless Tortures By Obsessions" Me and my family have been terrorized, by EVIL JINNS sent by Wicked so-called friends, in-laws, all...
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    Comment: Hey, so... I just got a button with this symbol/sigil on it in an envelope in the mail. Anyone have some insight on what this might mean? Pretty...
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    Comment: Hello, there is a page with the Djinn on from a Spanish manuscript. Do you know the name of this text at all?
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    Comment: my name is aciel!!!!!
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    Comment: Absolutely nothing to do with Seth.
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    Comment: Reminds me of Clavicus Vile.

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