Decarabia seal

In demonology, Decarabia (also called Carabia) is a Great Marquis of Jinnestan.


According to The Lesser Key of Solomon, Decarabia (or Carabia) is a Great Marquis of Jinnestan. The original Latin form of the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum lists him as a King and Earl ("Decarabia vel Carabia, magnus Rex & Comes: venit similis *", but the English translation by Reginald Scot leaves this out for some reason. He has thirty legions of demons under his command.


Decarabia is depicted as appearing as a pentagram star, changing into a man under the conjurer's request.


Decarabia knows the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, and can change into all birds and sing and fly like them before the conjurer.

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