Carnesiel's seal

Carnesiel ("radiant fire") is ranked as an emperor and king of the East. He is also said in various other Christian demonologies to be one of the thirty-six Elemental World Rulers as well as one of the seventy-two Spirits of Solomon. An Aerial Devil and demon of the east, Carnesiel commands 1,000 great dukes, 100 lesser dukes, 12 chief dukes, and 50,000,000,000,000 other demonic spirits. When summoned, he will appear with 60,000,000,000,000 servitors of varying ranks, and when you call any of the dukes, their entourage is sometimes 10 spirits, but never exceeds 300. His 12 most important demonic dukes are Myrezyn, Omich, Zabriel, Bucafas, Benoham, Arifiel, Cumeriel, Vadriel, Armany, Capriel, Bedary, and Laphor.  Carnesial can appear day or night.

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