Camiel's seal

Camiel ("he who sees God") may be summoned any time of the day or night, and he shows up as a demon in the court of prince Hydriel. Here, he appears in the form of a snake with a virgin's head and face. In spite of his appearance, Camiel has a reputation of being very courteous and willing to obey. His zodiacal sign is the fourth degree of Aquarius. Camiel is said to be drawn to wet locations like swamps. He is reputed to have a total of one thousand three hundred and twenty ministers to attend his needs. Camiel also appears under the command of the demon Amenadiel, the Great Emperor of the West. Here, Camiel is said to hold the rank of duke, ruling over a total of three thousand eight hundred and eighty lesser spirits of his own. Camiel is named again in the court of the wandering duke Bursiel. In this manifestation, Camiel is reputed to be a being of great malevolence. He fears the light of the day and will only manifest at night. Camiel and his fellow spirits under Bursiel are hated by all of the other spirits due to their roguish and evil natures. He also appears as one of several dukes serving beneath the demon Malgaras. Here, Camiel belongs to the hours of the day and commands thirty lesser ministering spirits.

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