Cafcuh or Kafkuh (Persian قاف‌کوه qaafkuh or کوه قاف kuh-e qaaf; Arabic: جبل قاف‎ jabal qaf) is a mythological mountain in Iranian tradition. Historically Iranian power never extended over the northern Caucasus and ancient lore shrouded these high mountains in mystery. It was:

  • The highest mountain
  • The land of the Demons (Who did not obey the Iranian religion)
  • Saoshyant's battlefield
  • Simurgh's nest

Arab traditionEdit

In popular Islamic cosomology, Mount Qaf or Kaf (Jabal Qaf or Djebel Qaf) is a huge, circular, mountain range, made of emerald, which surrounds the earth. It encircles the world outside the ring of ocean. The place is inhabited by jinns. Owing to its remoteness, the North Pole is sometimes identified with this mountain.

According to certain authors, the Jabal Qaf of Muslim cosmology is a version of Rupes Nigra, a mountain whose ascent, like Dante's climbing of the Mountain of Purgatory, represents the pilgrim's progress through spiritual states.

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