Cabariel's seal

Cabariel is a demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon. Cabariel is a prince of the west and north, with 50 attending dukes during the day and 50 more at night. Each duke has 50 servants, who appear when the dukes are summoned. The daytime dukes and servants are good-natured, but the nighttime demons are deceitful, disobedient, and evil. The 10 most important dukes of the day are Satifiel, Parius, Godiel, Taros, Asoriel, Etimiel, Clyssan, Elitel, Aniel, and Cuphal. The 10 most important dukes of nighttime are Mador, Peniet, Cugiel, Thalbus, Otim, Ladiel, Morlas, Pandor, Cazul, and Dubiel.

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