from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal


Alloces’ seal

In demonology Allocer (Other spellings include Alocer, Alloces, Alocas, Allocen and Alloien.) is a demon whose title is Great Duke of Jinnestan, and who has thirty-six legions of demons under his command. He induces people to immorality and teaches arts and all mysteries of the sky.

He is described by Johann Weyer as appearing in the shape of a knight mounted on an enormous horse. His face has leonine characteristics; he has a ruddy complexion and burning eyes; and he speaks with much gravity. He is said to provide good familiars, and to teach astronomy and liberal arts. Allocer is often depicted riding a horse with dragon legs.


Alocer appears in the shape of a knight or warrior mounted on a enormous horse, with leonine face, flaming eyes and ruddy complexion. He speaks with a loud, hoarse voice and much gravity.


According to the meticulous German demonologist Johann Wierius, Alocer is a very powerful demon, Grand Duke of Hades, ruler of thirty-six infernal legions, and is one of the 72 spirits of Solomon.


Allocer is said to teach astronomy and liberal arts but also to induce people to immorality. He is also said to provide very good familiars.