Born the offspring of Beelzeboul (Beelzebub), Abezethibou, or Abezethibod, is a demon described in the pseudepigraph Testament of Solomon. He followed Beelzebub upon his fall from heaven, and became an important demon in Jinnestan. However, after his treason, he is left with one red wing. He later traveled to Egypt where he hardened the heart of pharaoh and his advisors, and convinced them to pursue the fleeing Israelite slaves. In doing so, he drowns along with the army in the Red Sea, and become trapped in a pillar of water, though Beelzebub claims he will return for conquest.

Abezethibou is the demon of African spirits and the sin of pride; however, he is well known for his ability to lead people astray. A nocturnal, one-winged demon, he commands twelve servitors, although only eight of them are named, and is described in some texts as one of the Jinn, a Grigori, and a Watcher. As the last of the Shayatin, he was imprisoned in the Red Sea. However, Abezethibou was also said to be the demon summoned up by Jambres and Jannes, the head sorcerers of the Egyptian court who did magical combat against Moses, and lost, in the book of Exodus (7:11, 22). He is most easily summoned in the month of July during the fifth hour of the night.

Depiction in the Testament of SolomonEdit

In the Testament of Solomon, when Solomon summons Beelzebub for an interview, the prince of the demons reveals that a jinn named Abezethibou accompanied him when he fell from heaven. After his fall from heaven, Abezethibou became a one-winged demon. He claims that all those imprisoned in Tartarus fall under Abezethibou's control. This charge comprised Abezethibou's primary role and burden in the demon world. He opposed Moses and the Israelites during the Exodus from Egypt.

Later, Abezethibou himself appears before Solomon, informing the king that, as a jinn, Abezethibou had sat in Amelouth, a place he described as the "first heaven". After his fall, Abezethibou roamed Egypt, and, after the appeal of Moses to let the Israelites leave Egypt, cause Pharaoh's heart to harden. This is contrary to the traditional Judeo-Christian view of the event based on the Book of Exodus, which contends that God hardened the heart of Pharaoh. He went with the Egyptian army in the pursuit of the Israelites, and the collapsing Red Sea crushed and drowned him, where he was imprisoned by a pillar of water.

The Testament of Solomon states that Jannes and Jambres called upon Abezethibou when they battled against Moses, and the demon provided them with the magic they used. He claim to be "the adversary of Moses in [performing] signs and wonders." Abezethibou was sealed in the Red Sea, but Beelzebub claimed that "when he [Abezethibou] is ready, he will come in triumph."

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