The Abaasy (Abaahy or Abasy or Abassy) (Sakha: абаасы/абааһы, cognate of the Turkic word albastı) are northeaster Russian demons in the mythology of the Sakha (also known as the Yakuts). Yakut Shamanism divides the universe into upper and lower layers, with the earth being "a kind of indeterminate space or matter" in between. The abaasy occupy the lower level, referred to as the underworld or "kingdom of darkness." In their native language of Sakha, abaasi means "black" and it is under the domain of the demon Ulu Tojon ("Powerful Lord") who rules all nine clans of abassy.

Heliophobic Devil of destruction and disease, they are only seen at night. These beings are basically humanoid shaped but have only one eye and leg. Considered to be evil creatures, they prey on the souls of both animals and humans. Abassy are also known to cause madness and induce sexual manifestations in those who are about to receive their shamanistic powers. Their sacred animal is the raven.


The abbasy are described as "one-eyed, one-armed, one-legged" monsters mounted on "two-headed, eight-legged, two-tailed dragons as steeds." In olonkho they are ugly and horrible man-eating beings. Their chief Alyp Khara Aat Mogoidoon is three-headed, six-armed and six-legged giant with body made of iron.

Cultural SignificanceEdit

The concept of the abaasy is so ingrained into Sakha thought that the verb абааһы көр- (to see abaasy) is the everyday term for "to hate" or "to dislike".

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